How does it work and who does what?

Who owns Multi-Web?

Multi-web is owned by Helpabout Ltd. We own a shop in Bideford and you can find us here

How does it work?

Multi-web is a very basic Content Management System (CMS) which has been optimised for speed and simplicity. Essentially it allows us to create multiple websites for where you would normally only be able to create one. This is why we can do it so cheaply.

Who hosts the website?

All our website hosting is managed by Rackspace in their Cloud Hosting facility, We think they are one of the best, most reliable and safest providers there is, even if they are not the cheapest!

Is it safe?

Yes! We don't aim these websites for highly secure eCommerce companies. We are here to get you on the internet, so we make your site as safe as it needs to be. Actually that is pretty safe, all the servers are in secure facilities and behind locked down firewalls, with secure access only granted by registered IP and certificate. But for you to use them we make them as easy to use as possible.

That's not what I mean, is the website stable?

Yes, the servers are based on a distributed cloud. That means if a server goes wrong it doesn't matter as it is only one of many that run your website. The software itself is based on the industry standard Microsoft .NET platform and is built with simplicity in mind. We have support personel available during normal working hours and all sites are backed up with 1 months history.

Who do I call if I have a problem?

All our details are here call us and we will make best endevours to help you.