Basic Web sites for £5.99 per month?

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What do you get?

You get to talk to one of our trained web builders, they will ask you the right questions to build your website in about 15 minutes. We just need the basics like the name of your business, your address, that kind of thing. Then we enter it into out servers and you have a website!

You will automatically have:

  • Home Page
    A basic home page saying what you do with a few photos if you want them
  • About Page
    Your address and regulatory details with an interactive google map
  • Contact Us
    A page to let your customers contact you... Rather than the people sending spam!
  • Privacy Policy
    A page with all the legal stuff you need so that your website is legally viewable
  • Sitemap
    So that users can find what they want and Search engines can show what you have
  • Facebook links
    Social media is there to help promote you, not just for the kids!
  • Google Links
    We include Google advertising at the bottom of the page to help you get noticed faster

Then you have a live website!

There is no waiting, your website is available  immediately, you can see it and we will tweak it to make sure it is right, then....

It's over to you!

You can edit and change anything you like on the site, it's as easy to use as a wordprocessor to change the website, or if you prefer drop us a line and we can do it for you on a flat hourly rate.