Have Your Own Website in 15 minutes

We specialise in making microsites for small business.

In this age of recession where advertising is difficult to justify, we have worked out a way of providing small websites for business that are more cost effective than buying an advert in a directory!

We are a small business just like you based in Bideford, North Devon. We understand the pressures placed on a small company, so we decided to do something about it and create a service that can help reduce the cost overhead, whilst keeping a service our customers can use.

Multi-Web is not a faceless call centre, if you want to find us please feel free to visit and we will chat to you in person. We are sure we can help you if you need a web site and our knowledgeable staff are there to make your internet life easier!

Contact us and we will call you back, you can have you own website in 15 minutes, your customers can find you in Google and you have everything you need without the headache and hassle of the technology getting in the way.